Tuesday, June 9, 2009


On Snday afternoon Katea, BadM and I had a great adventure cycling to a craft fair in New Market Square in the depths of Old Dublin . Set in a masso warehouse in a maze of streets populated by street urchins and aul ones is a mecca for all things sweet and indie. From GMO and gluten free food, hand made jewellery and clothes to a tiny live band. One of the bezzie stalls was this by sweet Bazilian bloke by the name of Marcelo Bardi who had a ton of cartoons on cardboard. Rubbish decription I know. See for yourself

Then it was outside to the courtyard to enjoy some scones, home made lemonade and elderflower juice. It was a good way to spend the most hated day of the week for some. The market takes place on the first Sunday of every month

The best thing about the day? The fact that our bikes were still where we had chained them, tyres intact

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