Friday, June 4, 2010

Booty Sale

So you spent all your cash on some ill advised round buying and an Electric Picnic ticket? But ZOMG, need new clothes? It's cool, I got your back. Swing by the ohsosweet Bernard Shaw tomorrow for some kickass car boot sale action. More indie saps than you can shake a stick at and, in your favour, they need to fund their habits somehow. This means lots of lovely clothes and things at knock down prices, if you're feeling brave you can even try haggle. My advice? Hang around all day, not only for sweet pizza, booze and tuneskis, they WILL get desperate to shift their wares as the day wears on. They'll also get drunker (word to the wise, so will you). Major bargains to be had. Plus, 2 COCKtails for a tenner? Sold. Details here. Let the summer fun commence.

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