Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can I have a Venti Skimmed Chai Latte please?

Dear Hedwig

Hows things?

Today is my 4th day in New York . On Monday we rented bikes and cycled around central park and we went to see Chicago. Mathew Settle who is the dad in gossip Girl ,the one who is poor but has a loft and an art gallery was in it. He was quite good cept for his dad-like dance moves and his permanent raised eyebrow. Tonight is Lion King. Today we saw a lovely impromptu step up 2 the streets performance on the subway. It got off to a rocky start, the ipod wouldn't work and they nearly kicked Joanne but it was well impressive.

The people in starbucks spelt my name Cheyanne. I went into a different starbucks yesterday, said my name and the girl replied "thats okay you don't need a name." Another woman told me her name was Shovonne and that it was Irish and it meant green fields .I told her it meant Joan.

We saw a crazy Christian preacher at ellis island we listened for a while but just as we were about to be converted, his shift ended and a new guy started. Just wasn't the same then.

Now we're going to sit on the Met steps and eat our yoghurt.


Chey anne ur ......

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  1. great, just heard you've been commisioned to do a blog a week from showchoirville. ok entertain us from across the pond