Friday, June 11, 2010

wearing is caring

Right, so theres this girl I know and her name is Kellie. She is possibly the most stylish person I have ever encountered in my life and get this she's only fourteen!!! Her style is like that of an acomplished twenty six year old freelance fashion designer/ stylist, it's really laid back chic almost androgynous...I can't begin to fathom where she gets her inspiration from especially at such a young age. I know something for certain and thats when I was her age the only thing I knew about fashion was that out of all the O' Neills tracksuit bottoms that I wore I never wanted to own a pink pair, because come on they were disgusting (lolz)! I was such a rotzer at that age though with my hipster flares and fluffy nope hoodies and mojo tops with a deep vee and of course my sweet pale freckley face and beast fuzzy hair and middle split combo. Anywho, I saw Kellie last night and she looked amazing as per uuuge but my good friend Zaz who is also her sister was telling me that the trousers that Kellie was wearing were not in fact the sweet high waisted ladies trouser pant with turned up bottoms that I thought they were, they were in fact a pair of her dads old jeans that she found and decided to make use of and turn them into fashion gold by pairing them with a masso tan waist belt. She had on a a sweet neckerchief too and get this it was a Balmain find that she got in the vintage section at Urban. With a baggy stripey top and a pair of tan brogues her look was complete with a loose plait or two in her hair. Nautical at its finest! So in all in anyways, the whole reason for me returning to blogging was to give this girl a shoutout. At the risk of sounding like a pervert, she's a babe and has decided to start a blog of all her own with her fashion musings- things she likes an outfit posts that she picks out herself and photographs. None of the pretentious poses you do be used to seeing on the fashion blogs. Here is the link to her blog and I think that anyone who is reading this and has a blogger account should become a follower of her and maybe who knows we could have our own mini international fashion blogger in time to come. Tavi Gevinson, style rookie who? Eat your heart out bbz! xoxo hedwig

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