Friday, June 11, 2010

come dine on my face

Our dear pal du rag, who has been been noticeably absent from these hallowed pages of late, is going to wow us this evening with some culinary delights. On his own birthday he himself will cook for his pals, what a doll.

As he does not write of his own adventures I feel like I have to pick up the slack. Our public deserves to hear these tales of wonderment. So the other night as we bid adieu to Shove On, Du rag took it upon himself to attempt to make it down the griffer avenue without touching the path. He jumped from tree to tree with the grace of a ????? (what animal can even compare). His final leap must have been about 7 feet, from a bus stop to a hanging branch, it was beautiful.

can't wait to play come dine with me tonight. hope du rag has a rude apron to wear.

bad m

p.s I like, of late the way we're getting back to our roots, for a while I feared we'd become pretentious rebels

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