Saturday, May 23, 2009

Feeling the credit crunch?

Why no go for a lovely cycle? It's free and easy and just perfect for this time of year! If you're scared of the gusset ganders and or getting papped on a rottener bike then why not go for a midnight cycle? It's the healthy option for those girls who eat their feelings... All you need is a euro for two cans of blue bear in spar and you're flying (or speeding in this case). You meet some funny characters on your travels but sure thats all part of the appeal. I wish i could post a pic of this drunken man Stacey and I encountered last night but i forgot my Hedwig cam and so had to capture the moment on my camera phone. He was verdy verdy intoxicated and kept doing provocative dance gyrations- not sweet! So any way ye, moral of the storey is GET ON YER BIKE LUV xo

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