Sunday, May 17, 2009

The visioneuro

So last night was the Eurovision , the winners? Norway with Fairytale, 397 points , new record buzz.
Glad they won but i must say graham nortons commentary actually made the whole show. lol moments all over the gaff, my personal favourites was when one of the voting countries announcer start singing, this is when Graham says "oh, get off your bike Sarah" and there was his whole commenting through the interval act.. the lowered swimming pools which im thinking they got that idea from Antm Cycle 10 the Fuerzabruta on Mylar photo shoot. We all remember Claire wanting to "slide" onto the pool thing but really falls right on her face resulting in a injured neck and Mrs Jay being all i told you not to. loser. .
yehhh.. anyway eurovision i think the cringey est entry was Germany with Miss Kiss Kiss Bang featuring marilyn manson ex-wife, Dita Von Teese. All i can say is what was she thinking?. .just youtube it. hmm who else was good.. oh Turkeys entry was up there with Dum Tek Tek. check those ones out. The rest of the acts were just balls.

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