Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You know you grew up on the northside when you...

1. consumed 1 packet of wheelies 1 packet of chickatees 2 strawberry lanky larrys and a tenpenny bag as your RDA

2. spent your days wandering the leafy suburbs while kicking a luminous orange Cup Final ball in a tesco plastic bag (couldn't afford one of them fancy footballs on expandable strings from smyths)

3. collected/bet up poshos for.. pogs premier league stickers and pokemon cards

4. went fishing/paddling in the tolka river

5. played catch and bash aka IRA bashings, kick the can and Curbs

6. had the air in your bike tyres let down by local hoods

7. watched zig and zag, bosco and rosie and jim everyday and if you were a little bit of a posh northsider you had NTL so you could watch fancy stuff like Two of A kind and art attack

8. went any location on the dart line to go crab fishing

9. spent a year or two kicking the machine in the leisureplex Coolock where the 20pees were right on the edge but they never fell

10. went swimming in ALSAA

11. skinned your elbows on the coca cola/waterfall slide in Omni adventure centre

12. collected conkers in the albo

13. had your hair set on fire by local youths on the 13a

14. went to fort lucan at least once a year

15. ate corn beef sandwiches every day for eight years in primary school (choc muffins fridays bbz)

16. got 50p from your ma for pocket money and thought you were minted

17. wore nike air max to school

18. got into a scrap with a girl called Roma for calling her 'Roma Pasta'

all self-respecting members of C.U.N.T.S should have experienced all of the above if not you have a summer to tick all the boxes ...

p.s no. 18 might be hard but if you want to try she used to live in the mun, she has blonde hair and she always wore denim dungarees outside school try find her


  1. my ma still only gives me 50 pence but she calls it allowance so it seems more grown up

  2. one day we kicked the machine and the 20ps really did fall down!!

  3. Mam wouldn't buy me nikes, i got asics. The undying shame....

  4. number.15. never touched the cheesey mank sambos . heart the fridays