Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Exam Musts...

1) party size bag of whatever sweets on offer at Spar, yes be the girl who eats her feelings,

(minature eggs 2 for 2.50)

2) a calulator, even if you're not doing maths, you never do an exam without one

3) some kind of lucky charm, mine's a pin i got from nuns

4) a really annoying ticking clock or a watch that beeps every 10 minutes, resort to sabotage

5) every single note/book/piece of information you own on the subject in your bag, you won't read any of it but maybe it'll seep into your brain on its own

6) lots of highlighters, rulers, colouring pencils and other useless stationary you can't use but you wish you could

7) a woolly jumper, something tells me those exam hall are cold and you could always try hide stuff in it if you 're of the pretentious rebel variety


  1. no.3 made me laugh aloud

  2. plus don't forget two sharpened pencils in case the paper is really bad and then you can reenact one of my favourite urban legends

  3. i wore number threee inside my skirt pocket

  4. i use whatever pen my notes were written with, cos the knowledge is in the pen, seee