Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Roberto Cavalli´s Giant Purple Throbber"

How stressfull was it watching the model agent last night? I know right!?

Just before it started an insider text me saying "That one with the short hair is preggers". When I asked my source for further information she replied "-My friend in college, her best friend in amber's older sister- said claire". I was devistated thinking the one I had bet on to win weeks ago had fallen at the last hurdle . Not so however, she won the competition and is expecting a sweet indie baby boy in July. What a fairytale. Well done to RTE for an actually entertaining Irish series, we were all convinced they'd cock it up and turn it into a get-all-yisser-counsints-to-text-in type show a la You're A Star or Celebrity Bainisteor.
Thats all I have to say really


  1. she's such a babe! i'm glad that amber one didn't win.

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  3. Carry-ann burton MEP . career mother and babe09 she has my vote