Monday, May 18, 2009

Interview Tips

GOT an interview for mini company and want to make the best first impression?

follow these simple tips for success from industry expert.

1. Dress to impress, this probably means your shiny Topman debs suit and lilac tie. Unfortunatly the soup stains will be viseable, so you'll have the give it a dry clean. Recession buster; use a babywipe to clean the worst of the stains, then hang the suit in the bathroom as you shower. The steam should get rid of the wrinkles saving ma an ironing job. A liberal dose of Lynx Africa and you're on the way

2. Wash your teeth

3. When asked "what are your main flaws?". Try to think of something constructive like "Oh, I'm a bit of a perfectionist" rather than racist, thief or pisshead.

Thank you to the industry expert

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