Saturday, April 10, 2010


Here we can witness the changing pattern of my whims when it comes to painting my nails.
From the heady solid black Temple Bar days, which, lets be honest I kept up right until sometime last year (interspaced with navy, wild, I know).
After that I went for some lavely pale purple/lilac thing from Urban 'till I spied the Chanel Jade and rushed off sharpish to Boots to get some Barry M lookalike. Since then it's been varying pastels gracing my nails and I'm rather excited for the new additions the the family courtesy of the ever classy Collection 2000. In order to alleviate the withdrawal from my self imposed clothes shopping embargo I allowed myself some nail polishes today. The first, in a pastel purple, is to replace the UO one when it inevitably runs out. The second one is a lavely pale blue that is currently sitting pretty on my considerably-less-than talons. I'd show you a picture of it on but right now, my nail beds suck. So, what's the damage? Two for €4.50, sweet.

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