Monday, April 26, 2010

On day 22 maybe I broke a bit

but town was real cold and I'd swanned in like a fool without a jacket or anything. I know that's my own fault but, fuck it, sunshine fools me every time in more ways than I care to admit (namely the fact that I burn and freckle like a motherbitch, no tan, just a repeated cycle of burning and freckling).
Right, I'm gonna continue in this vein of listing all of the extenuating circumstances that led to my failure, the fact I was in to meet some people and they were late so I basically had to go into Wild Child, right? And then there was a sale. And on the way to town I saw this girl in this whopper maroon cardigan and I thought to myself, now, maroon cardigan wouldn't that be lovely. So I stroll in (just to kill time, see) and there's a row of Lacoste jumpers for only a tenner a pop. Sitting in this row was the loveliest maroon jumper, absolute classic. For TEN EURO. How could I not, right? I brought that guilty little secret home, snipped him down the front and did some of the most haphazard and lazy sewing of my life. Proudly showcased my work to the ma and when asked after the origins of said jumper lumped it in with the pile of stuff I'd bought in London and just never got around to altering, I'm sly like that. So yeah, Susan was right just a little. But basically it wasn't my fault and I've a winner cardigan that'll last forever. Don't even cur.
not bad for ten minute job, amiriiight?


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  1. I have one just like this! I'd love to wear it but it's just too darn big! I'll need some sewing tips