Thursday, April 1, 2010

On a Blogging High.

You may have seen the Rice Crispy ad where the mother happily makes these marshmallow type easter egg things with her kids. So today Smyth and i decided to be this happy family on the kelloggs ad. Except we used Dunnes branded 'Crisp Rice' -(Crisp Riceys). They do the job just as well. I created below a shity colage cos i didn't want to upload a pile of photos. ya get the gist.

oh and another thing. In the ad the mother is all calm while her children make these yum yokes. Fact: They are horrendously messy to make. No mother would be that relaxed making these treats. They're so sticky and gross when you mould them into egg like shapes. I say most children would run around with their sticky hands sticking up the place. Imagine your new Ikea curtains being tugged on with their tiny sticky meanacing hands. Perish the thought. So that's why i'm thinking the lady in the ad is infact a Robot.


  1. Ha. nawh a Roberta would snap, whip off her fliflop and bait us. Imagine that on the ad? it's most defs a robot lady.