Saturday, April 17, 2010

Songs for Swingin' Ladies

With an oh-so original reference to the weather (I know, but really it was well nice there for a few days) music for laying about in the sun is in order. And that is pretty much how I'd sum up Best Coast. Headed up by Bethany Cosentino who started writing her current stuff cos of intense pining for her hometown on the west coast of Amerdicah while studying in New York. And it shows, really laid back tunes with a kinda Girls-y/Beach Boys vibe. Perfect for sunshiney days, balmy nights and fantasizing 'bout the summer to come (cos Met Eireann assure me it'll be a real nice one this year, for reals!). Also, girl can dress. She even used to work as an intern at Fader, check her old column here. Pretty haaaair. Look.

That's her on the right there

Video for their debut single is hopefully nicely embedded for you and have a look at her current blog at

I can do computer things, me. Myspazz is here.

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