Sunday, April 11, 2010

You'll be ok. You'll have a job

Here we have Bad M all in her new Sand Storm gear. All ya need is a scarf n some "Ray Bands". She's all set and ready to hit the dunes.

So today Bad M, Shuvonur and myself went to the lovely Botanic gardens. Since it was such an Ab Fab day the Botanics was jammers. There was no room left on the bike racks.a first. so we sneakly locked them up outside where the kind carpark man pretended not to see us. nice chap.
There was so many children there, taking up all the lovely green grass with their stupid tumbles. nobody cares, get over yourselves. We potterd about for awhile talking about Harry Potter to breast feeding in the Botanics. really one with nature like. After walking around we plonked ourselves down beside the pond. Whipped out the piccie blanket, ipod n speakers and a pink lady. good times. We creeped on everything that moved and took sneaky snaps of passers-by. well one of us did. So we're talking about seeing famous people in the Botanics, cause one time we saw yer wan from xposé, the one with the reallyy short blonde hair.the gross-Do. anyway Guess who saunters over to the pond with his oh so indie photogtapher wife n tiny child.

Ken Doherty


His sweet wife took some snaps of him n his child. I noticed we would be in the background of their photos so i posed. Some might say i Vouged the shit out of it. but some prob wouldn't say that. We creeped on them for awhile then they left so we creeped on ducks. After all that creeping (say creep again. creep)we packed up and left. It was a good ole day that's for sure. Next trip should be Howth. fingers crossed.

Just looked in the mirror. Freckle madness so it is. You calm down freckles.


I played the Jersey Shore song "Get Crazy, Get wild..." as we sat sweetly, the urge i got to go crunk and fist pump with a duck was unreal.

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