Wednesday, April 21, 2010

snice day for a swhite swedding.

k, so for the past week i've been on this mad wedding buzz. I was told about this site, stylemepretty. It's amazing. The ideas i've got from this site....oeuf..i tells ya. Some of the weddings are staged but most of them are real weddings. aghhh they're so so sweet. real cute like. Just a few days ago i saw Liam's and Roberta's wedding album sitting on the coffee table..hellooooo mr white book. So i took some pictures of my favoutie ones as i couldn't take them out of the masso white book to scan. a picture of a photo. so kooky. Here we go...

Here be the bride with her Da, Peter. I guess this is Bobby's style, flower headband and some lace gloves that go so far. The interior of that car. Nice...real nice. Pitty it wasn't lepoard print, Bobby would be loving that now so she would. wait till you see the bridesmaids. HA!

A young Liam.

BAM! the bridesmaids dresses. ehhh nice choice Bobby. what is that?? One of her sisters (the circled face) hated the dress she had to wear, fair enough, so she pulled that face in all of the wedding photographs to ruin them. the cheek. She stuck to her word, every photo with her in it she's making that face.

SEE!!..Bobby didn't mind tho, she kept her cool.."because you Do NOt cross a sugar baker woman!"

Least the Nice Pope is looking over them, not the new creepy one with his insanely dark circles under his eyes ( he should use neutrogena's anti-puff eye roller, one sold every 20seconds..or somet), imagne the new one hovering above them. cringe.

i just like this one.

Ahh the Tuck side of the family, well some of them. I just love my auntys masso fur coat and the one with the nest i mean hat. Oh how the sister and i laughed at this picture.

That knife is way long.

ahh so they were once happy. nice to know.

Now this one, this hilarious picture. You just know that photographer was being experimental.
"So i'm going to put your faces in like a whiskey type glass"
Em, no it's ok. Portrait will do fine.
"No No you'll see, it will be amazing."
Seriously it's fine.
"Ok, glass face it is"