Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To borrow a turn of phrase..

..it's like rock'n'roll porn. This has cemented the fact that macroeconomics and I are not to repair our fractious relationship tonight (or, for that matter, tomorrow in the test) but I digress. This website is amazing! Basically has a shitload of epic photos of better people than you during better times than now doing cooler things than you'll ever do. And looking better doing it than you ever will. S'cool though, you can just bask. Serious time stealer.

Dude looks like a monkey.

All photees from here, visit at the expense of whatever you're meant to actually be doing.
In other news, Dylan? Birrova style icon with the 'bans, cuban boots, skinny jeans, epic shirts and obvi giant hair is always a winner. p.s. I love you

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