Sunday, April 11, 2010

Seeing as

One of trends in work right now is called Lolita, I recently got my Taxi Driver dvd back offa Patsy and I was reminded of the editorial to follow I thought I'd do what could be construed as a mildly inappropriate style inspiration post on Iris from the aforementioned film. Yes, she is a child prostitute but dude, that was the seventies. Here in the tensies everybody's dressing like they've got a John to please but really it's all about a laid back hippie hippie shake style with plenty of leg on show, god forbid it looks too boho (remember invasion of the gypsy skirt, possibly summer of '02? Dark times). Also, let's face it. Pretty fucking iconic image, no?

Obviously I'm not the first creep to spot some inspiration from an underage hooker, this is W certified. Natalia Vodianova kills it. See?

From W December 2004

Anyways, what with the arrival of that oh so rare visitor to these shores, the sun, it's prime time to get the leg out. I had a collage all made up with high street versions of this look but it didn't save. I'm totally up for making another but unfortunately college is technically the more pressing right now. Though I will admit the one letter difference does make a mighty fine case for the this space.

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